Zone 3b is Retiring…

by Adrian D. Thysse

This blog has been slowly withering over the last few months, my posts infrequent and lacking oomph. I have neglected Zone 3b and some of other blogs in about the same proportion as I have been trying to develop in other areas. This is my last post, but I’ll let the blog remain until stray visits dry up. If you care about bugs, please visit Splendour Awaits, where garden bugs will still be displayed and where your can find links to other blogs and other online entomology resources.

Gardening is important for our lives and for the lives of the many species that share our environment. Gardening is a part of life, not a fad or a bit of bling to impress friends and the neighbors. For urban dwellers, it is one of the few things that can connect us to nature on a regular basis. For that reason we will keep gardening, and I hope you will too.

Cheers everyone. Keep gardening and remember the little guys that share our lives.

Adrian Thysse

P.S. – Contact me at if you have any questions, or find me on Google +.

PPS. – Posted from my iPod…pls frgv errors.

3 Comments to “Zone 3b is Retiring…”

  1. Oh so sad that you’re shutting down shop. I just found you today when looking for Edmonton gardening blogs. I am looking forward to reading your previous posts and finding inspiration for my garden next year.

  2. Adrian, Sorry to see you shut down. I have always found your posts inspiring and your photography is amazing! I hope your ‘voyages’ blog will continue and that you ‘bloom’ in other areas on the ‘net. :)

    • Thanks Garden Ms. ! You have been a great support over the months. I’m just spread a bit thinly right now. I am in the process of setting up my own websites with blogs continuing on the Voyages and Bugwhisper themes. Cutting back on blogs (3 discontinued and 5 planned blogs nullified!) will give me more time to read other sites and allow me to get back to learning. I hope to ‘see’ you again when my sites are up and running!

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