Aids to Planning III – The Winter Reassessment

by Adrian D. Thysse

Your digital photos of the previous garden year should be organised with a photo downloading program such as Picasa. The program will present your photo’s chronologically by download, and you will be able to edit, label and adjust them easily. Then you can page through your logbook to find problem areas that you would like to deal with and then find the corresponding photos in your photo organiser. Most problem areas in the naturalistic garden will have one or more of the following faults:

  • Generally poor plant health
  • Insufficient plant coverage
  • Undesired dominance of one plant
  • Lack of variety throughout the season
  • Encroachment
  • Weed infestation
  • Sudden die-back of desirable plant

The keys to solving all these problems lie in the phrase,

The right plant(s) in the right place“.

To be continued……

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